L'encyclopédie at festival du parc floral in paris on aug. 26th!

A guest of the Ville de Paris, L'Encyclopédie is debuting in France on a very prestigous stage at Festival du Parc Floral, with a playful program of both Leopold and his son Wolfi Mozart! Meeting point on August 26th at 4pm.


The fritz pianoforte nestled inside the Zoubov foundation in geneva

The amazing Zoubov Foundation in the very heart of Geneva's old town is welcoming the Fritz pianoforte at the end of the summer. Prestige and conservation are key words... without forgetting to mention MUSIC!


Expecting star...

Next January, L'Encyclopédie is looking forward to making music with big star soprano Sophie Karthaüser in a Bach sons program. Concert at Temple de la Madeleine in Geneva on Jan. 16th 2024 at 8pm.