The "cercle"

Companies, individuals, music enthusiasts, music lovers... committed to supporting the artistic development of the ensemble and its choir; gathered to engage in the projects initiated by Florent Albrecht, ambitious programs and concerts that demonstrate great artistic rigor while addressing all audiences.

Are you enthusiastic about the work done by the Ensemble de L'Encyclopédie founded by Florent Albrecht in 2020?
Do you want to contribute to the spread of historical performances, this incredibly rich and diverse repertoire, from Mozart to Schubert?
Do you want to support the ensemble's ambitious cultural actions aimed at all audiences?

Embracing all styles, all genres, favoring both masterpieces and the still too little-known repertoire of this classical and pre-romantic period, and always with a view to a historically informed, rich, demanding and humble interpretation, such are the precepts that build the deep identity of the Ensemble de L'Encyclopédie, with the aim of touching the hearts of all and gathering minds in an encyclopaedist spirit!


a pianoforte for the ensemble

Thanks to the generosity of the Valeria Rossi di Monteleria Foundation, the ensemble will be able to enjoy a magnificent pianoforte, a copy of an 1815 instrument by Johann Fritz. It is the Swiss maker Mirko Weiss who built this instrument and who is in charge today of its technical follow-up.



Invitations, meetings with artists, participation in artistic programs, and more... The cercle of Encyclopaedists does not go round in circles!




President | Laurence Leroy, historienne de l'art
Treasurer | Bastien Ferraris, musicien & entrepreneur
Secretary | Sarah van Cornewal, musicienne & professeure au Conservatoire de Genève



Présidente | Agnès Catineau, funding partner & directrice Brunswick France
Trésorier | Vincent Audoir, notaire & associate Allez & Associés
Secrétaire | Maxime Leschiera, directeur Conservatoire Régional de Bordeaux, vice-président Conservatoires de France

- Nicolas Bucher, directeur Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles, président Profédim
- Delphine Chrétien, déléguée générale Le Banquet céleste
- Emmanuelle Durand-Ivanov, secrétaire générale adjointe au Trésor - Ministère de l'Economie
- Véronique Furlan, attachée de presse & funding partner Accent Tonique
- Solène Grégoire-Marzin, administratrice Orchestre National de France
- Emmanuel Reibel, professeur d’esthétique Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, chaire de musicologie Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon 


our dearest partners






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